HealthEd Connect Ointment Drive

For the next few weeks, we are collecting new tubes of triple antibiotic ointment for HealthEd Connect.

Last October, Sherri and Jac Kirkpatrick made a presentation in adult Sunday School about HealthEd Connect.  HealthEd Connect’s mission is to empower women and children through evidence-based health, education, and advocacy programs.  They work with community health workers in Zambia, Malawi, DR Congo, and Nepal.  Visit their website at for more information.

One thing that has proved beneficial to community health is triple antibacterial ointment for open wounds (such as Neosporin(R)).  Sherri shared with me some recent stories about how this ointment has changed people’s lives.  Recently in Malawi, a couple was preparing for their wedding when the groom found out that the bride had a deep leg wound.  Knowing this wound would be something he’d have to deal with for years, the groom called off the wedding.  One of the HealthEd Connect health workers heard the story and went to visit the wife.  Though she suffered with the wound for years, the wound was healed within a week after the health workers cleaned and treated the wound with the triple antibiotic ointment.  Hearing this, the groom resumed the wedding.

Similarly, in Nepal a man who also suffered from a deep leg wound for years, heard about this “magic” ointment the health workers had that could cure wounds such as his.  He walked four hours to find a health worker that was able to clean and treat his wound.

In these parts of the world, ulcers can last for years.  HealthEd Connect is assisting these communities, not just by providing ointment, but by educating people on how to live a more healthy life.

So why don’t they use more of this ointment in Africa?  Unfortunately, this medication is not easy to come by in Africa.  Therefore, HealthEd Connect buys the medication in the states and takes it with them when they go on mission visits.  Their next mission visit is in May, and they would love to take over a bunch of ointment with them.  So, for the next few weeks, we will be collecting triple antibacterial ointment (the cheap brands work just as well as the name brands) to donate to HealthEd Connect.  Please bring your donation of triple antibacterial ointment by Sunday, May 3rd.
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